Bringing the Outdoors In

teal front door

Being that so much of our work right now consists of new construction, we are often given the opportunity to collaborate with architects and contractors on the exterior of the home on many of our projects.

This is a huge blessing because a well thought out home that is cohesive from the exterior to the interior is an interior designer’s dream project to be a part of. 

We love mixing colors, materials and textures on the façade of a home, making it unique and rich. Among some of our favorite materials are white batten board, stone, reclaimed wood, brick, and metal.  We also appreciate a colorfully painted front door!

We also love to bring the outdoors in. Integrating one or more of the materials used on the exterior of the home to the interior is important in making a home feel unified.

This is one of our latest new build projects in Newport Beach.  We incorporated the used brick from the exterior of the home on the backsplash in the kitchen, the back of a built-in in the family room and an accent wall in the dining room.


Does your home or a home in your neighborhood have great texture and curb appeal?  Send us a picture.  We would love for you to share with us!

Happy Designing!